Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brief update

I thought I would provide a brief update to everyone. Thanks for all of your kind notes along the way. I was very sad to read about all the IF problems that everyone has had in the last few months. This stuff just stinks.

Because of a trip to Germany, we had to go the old fashioned route in May. I love doing the BBT because my cycle is so much like clockwork, except with the time changes. It is really difficult to try to get the right time when you are traveling. We may have missed the window but we gave it the old college try.

We went to Germany to see our new nephew. Ps sister got pregnant immediately after stopping BCP. Her biggest concern was that she could drink during Carnival. Sigh. Even funnier she rode her bike to the hospital to give birth. I love telling everyone that. It seems pretty amazing to me.

As I suspected, P was totally uncomfortable around the baby at first. He held it as if it were made of glass and contorted his body in weird ways to "make the baby more comfortable". The darn little guy really liked me, though. Every time I held him he fell asleep. Maybe it was because I cleverly let everyone man handle him for an hour or two, then took him when it was nap time again. I don't know.

Any way, we are debating about going in again for a baseline (iff this cycle is a bust). The hold back is that we would like to travel around the fourth of July and IVF could interfere with that. We will just have to see. I would just like to get it over with. I am still not excited about donor eggs, but I am hoping that would provide some closure. Until then, I think I will enjoy the life with only having a dog to worry about. After seeing Ps sister, it makes me appreciate my current life without child a little more.


K said...

Thanks for letting us all know the update! Wow..what an experience! The travel thing really does get in the way. We've put it on hold many times and we're faced with similar situations this July. It's all so complicated. I admire your appreciation for your "current life." I think we all forget how this nasty little thing robs us of months/years of the good life we have.

mekate said...

Hey there sweet M, so glad to hear you here-- your trip sounds great, as does doing it the old fashioned way, there is solace in seeing the temperture pattern and feeling reconnected to the natural process.

I think you should go with your gut feeling about next month if need be (ideally, you'll just be pregnant!)-- you can always do a baseline and decide then.

I admit, sometimes when I am tired and lying in bed I wonder if I am really up for this, but I know my sister feels this way too and she has two kids.
But I do try to appreciate my life as it is right now, and not keep holding out for "if only".

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update - was wondering if you were ok! I love traveling and it sounds like a great experience (even with the timing issues). I was wondering if you are familiar with the blog Bellyaching and Benedictions at http://peeveme.blogspot.com/

You might want to check out yesterday's post as it addresses DE (short and sweet). Just a thought, not trying to sway you one way or the other! Good luck deciding about next month -

K said...

Check out my post on 5/5 for clarification on DIY IUI. You otta get a good laugh, anyway! ;)

Sarah said...

it stinks feeling like your life is on hold for all of this. time off from doctors and needles is wonderful, and they'll always be there when you're ready to get back to them!

mekate said...

You can absolutely split the cost with me! Buy me a tea someday if/when we meet in real life-- and we're square.
I can't wait to hear what they say, as long as it is what I want to hear! Ficklekate.

mekate said...

ginger peach
earl gray
or sometimes green but not bittergreen
or iced nekkid or iced sweet
I'm easy (don't tell)

warmly, Kate