Friday, April 24, 2009

Posted too soon

My ovaries looked like hell on the baseline sono. Nothing in lefty and a cyst and two follicles in righty. The worse baseline, yet. Hmmm so was it the....
or Gani*relix?

We'll never know. Yes, I almost cried on my way back, but the words of Nice Dr. were, "You are young and healthy." We can screen you every month. Once we find 5 follicles we will begin the stimulation.

On the bad side, I was being totally optimistic and bought all of the meds. Now they are just sitting there. Staring me in the face. If I do a donor cycle, they will probably be too many.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bad at blogging

It has been a some time since I last blogged. I guess, I had many things to do and really I just couldn't face the fact that everyone around me was getting pregnant or having a baby. To summarize my last month.

Mekate my IF blog sister is pregnant and has graduated to an OB.
My coworker (40) just gave birth on Friday.
My second cousin just gave birth two weeks ago.
A good friend gave birth 10 days ago.

I, on the other hand, have had two months where my honey bun wasn't with me on the day I ovulated. Not that it would have done any good any way, but still heavy sigh!!

We have moved on to a new and very excited RE. Well, there are two in the practice. The one I saw (just so I could get an earlier appointment) was not my favorite person. He just didn't seem very personable. Mostly out to make the bucks. The other RE was fantastic. Very enthusiastic, informative, and positive. I am hoping all of my appointments can be surreptitiously scheduled through him.

What is the protocol? Luteal phase antagonist then agressive agonist, with a little antagonist thrown in at the end.
Dr. 1 forced me to ovulate (femara then ovidrel), which I thought, was overkill. I have ovulated every month according to every means readable (BBT, OPK, cervical mucus, progesterone levels, and cervix location) This was especially obvious this mont when he looked on Day 6 and I already had a 15mm follicle. Then one week after ovulation I had to have a progesterone test 24 (thank you very much). Then started 4 days of ganirelix. In addition, started estradiol patch to be switched every four days. Menses stared two days early. Very weird. I don't think I have ever been that early my entire life. I am already reading this is a bad sign. I have said that my body does not like to be manipulated with hormones.

So here we go. Oddly, I am not sure if I need to go in on day 2 or day 3. Clueless scheduling receptionist seemed to think that day 3 was ok, but I really think they said day 2. Will call them tomorrow morning.

Oddly, my dentist appt seem to always fall when I also have RE appt. Tomorrow I am supposed to get my teeth cleaned. Probably at the same time that they want to schedule my sono and blood work.

I think that is enough of an update for now.

Wishing all of the luck to my sisters in cyclesista. Lets get going!